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Several Leading Parties Call for Delaying Locals

(Tbilisi, June 1, Civil Georgia) – Representatives of the several leading parties gathered today to discuss legal basis for postponing June 2 local elections, as they claim that total falsification is anticipated.

Representatives of the Christian-Conservative Party – Zhvania’s Team, Saakashvili’s National Movement, Traditionalists, Industrialists, Socialists, Peoples Party, Labor Party, Ertoba, Tanadgoma, say that they found faked election lists.

These political parties intend to appeal to the President demanding delaynig elections for a couple of days to allow for improving the mistakes.

The statement adopted by the parties says the President, Central Election Commission and the Tbilisi municipality are responsible for the falsification

According to the Georgian Election Code the Central Election Commission has the right to appeal the President 4 days before the election day requesting to delay elections. Locals are scheduled for June 2.

According to the law President has the right to postpone elections at any time.


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