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Russians Say Chechen Fighters Infiltration from Georgia Anticipated in June

(Tbilisi, May 31, Civil Georgia) – Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Commander of the Land Forces Nikolai Kormiltsev stated in the interview to the Russian daily Izvestia that Chechen fighters hiding in Georgia will try to infiltrate Russian Federation in June.

“With the Georgian government’s connivance Chechen fighters established bases in Georgia,” Russian military official said.

Georgian authorities also say that Chechen fighters might leave Pankisi gorge, where according to State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania up to 900 Chechen and Arab fighters are hiding.

On May 30 Georgian Deputy State Security Minister Irakli Natsvrishvili told the reporters that Georgian officials are doing best to make Chechen fighters leave the gorge with the peaceful means. 


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