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President Condemns Repression of Journalist

(Tbilisi, June 28, Civil Georgia) – Today Georgian President issued a statement condemning fact of suppression of journalist Tamar Molashvili, whose apartment was robed and messed-up on June 27.

“We build democracy in the country. The basis of this democracy should be the freedom of speech. Such an attitude towards the journalists hinders creation of the civil society,” the President states.

Journalist of the Georgian Times newspaper published an article claiming that the Georgian Chief Military Prosecutor is involved in the illegal activity.

Journalist says that after the publication of the article, officials from the Military Prosecutor’s Office started to threaten her.

President Shevardnadze emphasized on the recent facts of violations of freedom of speech. The mass media frequently reports and writes critically on the government’s activity, but this should not be the reason of suppression freedom of speech, the President says.


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