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Georgian-Abkhazian Talks on Kodori Gorge Issue

(Tbilisi, April 2, Civil Georgia) – Georgian-Abkhazian talks will be held in Tbilisi on April 2 on withdrawal of Georgian Defense Ministry’s troops from Kodori gorge, the only part of Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government.

UN special envoy to Georgia Dieter Boden facilitates negotiations.

The previous talks held on March 29 in Sokhumi ended without signing a protocol.

Abkhazian side demands to write down in the protocol withdrawal of “Georgian troops”, while Georgian side insists on the phrase “Georgian armed forces”, which means units subordinated to the Defense Ministry.

Abkhazians fear that official Tbilisi will leave in the gorge border guards that are not under the Defense Ministry’s subordination.

Dieter Boden expresses hope that Georgian side will pull out its military units from the gorge until April 10.  

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