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State Security Ministry vs. Rustavi-2

About 30 officers of the Georgian State Security Ministry marched into independent TV company Rustavi-2 and insisted on inspecting all the financial documents of the company. Their demand was sanctioned by the court.

Rustavi-2 expressed distrust towards the Ministry and refused to disclose the information. Management of the company argued that the Tax Inspection audited company’s financial documents a week ago and did not find any misuse of funds. The tax inspection issued a special document confirming this.

The company management thus stated that the Ministry of State Security was exerting a political pressure on their company. As the Ministry Officials had no sanction for conducting the search, they were forced to leave the building. Dispute between the company staff and the Security agents was broadcasted live through Rustavi-2.

Founder of the TV company Erosi Kitsmarishvili accuses the government in sanctioning political cleansing of the independent media.

This post is also available in: ქართული (Georgian)


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