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Kodori Gorge in Jeopardy – Georgian Partisan Leader States

The losing of Kodori gorge – the only territory in Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government – poses threat to Georgia, White Legion partisan organization leader Samushia stated, news agency Caucasus Press reports.

Samushia claims that approximately 400 Chechen fighters are in Marukhi pass, Kodori gorge, they can not infiltrate Russian territory and there is the real danger that Chechen fighters will return and launch a new armed clashes with the Abkhazian fighters.

Government of the breakaway unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia stated on October 18, that they might mount preventive strikes against the Chechen terrorist on the territories controlled by the Georgian government.

Tbilisi officials deny information about presence of Chechen guerrillas on the territory controlled by the Georgian government.

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