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Reinforcements Arrive for Both Reformers and Conservatives

According to the Vake district elections commission more then 64% of the electorate voted for ex-Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili in by-elections in Vake district, Tbilisi.

National Democratic Party’s leader Irina Sarishvili, the most likely challenger of Saakashvili, has 9,7% of votes.

The stolen ballot boxes from two election regions of Vake district yesterday made it dubious for the elections to be announced valid. But the elections will be regarded legal for the lost ballot boxes will have no influence on the results of the ballot.

Former State Minister Vazha Lortkipanidze significantly is leading by-elections in provincial district of Bagdati. Conservative Vazsha Lordkipanidze, with a track record in communist party and, allegedly a strong pro-Russia lobbyist gained the Parliamentary seat without any doubt.

With the former State Minister’s victory in by-elections the conservative parliamentary wing is primed to gain power.

The reformers wing also receives a strong reinforcement with Mikheil Saakashvili’s victory in Vake district.

Saakashvili has resigned from the post of the Justice Minister over the disagreements with the current presidential policy claiming that corrupt regime was beyond hope. Saakashvili was viewed as a strong pro-Western political figure, one of the “young reformer” team of the Citizens Union (CUG).

CUG and its parliamentary faction collapsed, as President Shevardnadze resigned from its chairmanship dissatisfied by the independent-minded moves of the “reformers.” Saakashvili’s return to the Parliament is thought to serve as a catalyst for strengthening stagnant reformist wing.


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