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Such Policy of Russia Is Its “Style”

The Dilis Gazeti

Relations between Georgia and Russia remain the top topic in Georgian press. The media try to hand with the information war Russia leads against Georgia.

“Russians found a good method to trick Georgians: their Presidents verbally admit the independence and unity of Georgia and talk much about close relations and cooperation while, on the other hand, Russian government officials put Georgia’s stability and security under danger and bomb the country’s territory”, the Dilis Gazeti says.

The paper considers that there is no difference between the policy of Boris Yeltsin’s and that of Vladimir Putin. It talks about the past when Russia’s former President Yeltsin guaranteed peace between Georgians and Abkhazians and Abkhazia was lost through unfair war afterwards. Georgia did not have enough courage at that time to give everything an adequate  name. It created an illusion that everything would be over in a way profitable to Georgia, which actually did not come true, the paper tells. “Despite the consequences, nobody in the Georgian government made conclusions from the fact”, the paper says.

Policy of Russia continues to be the same. Words of Putin have nothing to do with the reality. The paper assumes that such policy of Russia is its “style”.

The Dilis Gazeti spoke to the head of the public relations office of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Georgia Kakha Sikharulidze about Russian peacekeepers located in Abkhazia conflict zone. “Activities of the peacekeepers make us doubt that they are part of the provocation planned against Georgia. It becomes difficult to identify whether the peacekeepers keep peace of war”. Sikharulidze stated. 

by Salome Jashi


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