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Extraordinary Session. October 17-18, 2001


Draft project on “changes to the State Budget 2001 of Georgia”

Finance minister Zurab Nogaideli represented draft project.

By the bill, income and expenditure parts of Budget 2001 is reduced by 164 million GEL. IMF demanded the changes. Chance appears for Georgia to renew the IMF program and receive 65 million, second trench.

State minister Gia Arsenishvili, minister of Tax-Revenue Levan Dzneladze, president of National Bank Irakli Managadze and minister of Economy, Industry and Trade Vano Chkhartishvili shared Parliament their opinions on the bill.

Vano Chkhartishvili touched budget sequester issue by two words. He concentrated on the critics of Tax-Revenue ministry. According to him, because of structural changes fail in economic sector of executive branch, it’s necessary to cancel Tax-Revenue ministry. Hostility between Chkhrtishvili and chairman of Economic Reforms committee Vano Merabishvili became clear, that almost grew in personal insult.

MPs criticized economic team of executive authority and raised their responsibility issue. Together with opposition factions the MPs of CUG faction were actively participating in speeches against government members. In this context, MPs represented several resolution decrees.

By the project of faction “Revivals”:

  • Considered admitted not fulfillment of state Budget 2001 and violation of law;
  • Government activity to estimate unsatisfactory; 
  • Raise the issue of resign State Minister Mr. Gia Arsenishvili, Finance Minister Mr. Zurab Nogaideli and Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade Mr. Vano Chkhartishvili before President;
  •  Parliament to discuss the expediency of Parliament economic bloc committee chairmen being on their positions during two weeks.

Faction “New Rightists” demanded special investigation commission creation on Budget issues. The result will be the criminal responsibility of concrete ministers.

Finally, Parliament passed two resolution decrees:

1. a) Georgian Parliament Finance-Economic bloc committees to represent reports on parliamentary control in Budget sphere in three weeks;

b) Investigation Commission on Study of the Legitimacy of Actions by Single High Position Officials to represent Parliament the results of Budget 2001 non-fulfillment and name concrete responsibility officials.

2. a) Taking to account the violations of IMF obligations and real fulfillment of budget estimate unsatisfactory the activity of government;
b) Ask President to discuss those government members responsibility issues, who caused Budget sequester.

Parliament voted for the bill by I hearing.

For – 139 
Against – 15

MPs produced their terms to executive authority by resolution decrees and categorically refused voting by II and III hearing before President Shevardnadze wouldn’t take to account their request; despite of Zurab Nogaideli demand to pass the changes to Budget till October 19, IMF deadline. Vise versa Georgia faces not to receive 75 million trench. 

Parliamentary secretary of President Valeri Khaburzania considered Parliament decision as the ultimatum to the President.


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