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The Parliament Made Ultimatum to the President?

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti

MPs gave a one-day term to the President of Georgia for him to pass executive government staff adjustments. They are intending to poll for 2001 budget sequester afterwards only”, the Resonance says. It goes on to say that the law on budget sequester is a fundamental term proposed by the IMF for the Council of Directors of the organization to discuss the issue of reestablishing the financial program in Georgia.

The Resonance, having assessing the factor, is positive that the President will have to dismiss the economic team of the executive branch.  

The Dilis Gazeti, on the other hand, talks about the feebleness of the Georgian Parliament. “It is the Parliament that led the issue to absurd… almost all the MPs are fair and stern oppositionists in front of cameras”, while in reality only 29 MPs voted for the dismissal of the whole executive staff and 44 MPs supported the dismissal of just the economic team.

“After such polling the President can confidently announce that the Parliament does not support the resigning of neither the whole executive government members nor the ministers of the economic block”, the Dilis Gazeti says.


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