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Russian Peacekeepers Have Murdered, Robbed and Startled

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti

Today’s Resonance talks about crimes CIS peacekeeping troops placed in Abkhazian conflict zone have committed since 1994.

1 700 Georgians have been killed in Gali region (inhabited by Georgians) as a result of anti- Georgian campaign since ceasing the fire and putting peacekeepers in Abkhazia.

According to the paper’s information, officially registered over 70 crime cases were committed with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers. The Resonance publishes several cases of misdeeds Russian peacekeepers committed against Georgian population of Abkhazia. Case of 35-year-old Gocha Nakhopia being murdered with a tank in village Sida in 1996 is one of them. Cases of murder, raiding and robbing by Russian peacekeepers occurred quite often. They are also noticed in supporting smuggling as well as participating in other crimes. Major Bulatov is said to be particularly being involved smuggling.

“Russian peacekeepers provided Abkhazians with arms and heavy technique also”, the Resonance reports. Some Russians have even been awarded for their “labor”. Abkhazians gave an expensive house on the Black Sea cost, which used to belong to a Georgian poet, to Commander of Russian peacekeeping troops Sergei Yakushev. 

According to the Resonance, local population is leaving Sokhumi (capital of Abkhazia). Zugdidi (city by Abkhazian border) inhabitants are also leaving the city. People displaced from Abkhazia say Abkhazia can never be returned to Georgia through war for it would be the same as having war against Russia.

The Dilis Gazeti talks about Georgian partisans fighting against separatist regime of Abkhazia. “Georgian partisans Chechens demonstrated their power in Abkhazia together with. Separatists had severe losses because of them. Further action is left up to Georgian government. It should use the existing situation wisely and make the opposite side agree on constructive negotiations”, the paper says.

The newspaper talks about general purpose of partisans also and points out that their task is to make the opposite side compromise. It was a tactic step when partisans ceased actions in Abkhazia. “They need to regain power, be supplied with food and facilities”, the paper says. It assumes that the partisans’ aim has not been reached yet for separatists still regard themselves having succeeded and continue claiming that they are becoming an associated member of the Russian Federation. Such announcements serve to the separatist ideology only, the paper says.     


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