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Ministries Weekly Review. September 15-22, 2001

Ministry of Justice

On September 19th Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili applied for resignation. It is a “dishonor” to work in a government, such Georgia has now, he stated. On September 21st Saakashvili has registered in the Central Election Commission as a candidate for majorette parliament member from Vake district (Tbilisi).

Saakashvili was planning his “loud” retreat from the Government during the Government Meeting, scheduled for September 19th, but seems like State Chancellery foresaw such development and the Meeting has been postponed.

There were attempts to obstruct Saakashvili’s running for majorette parliamentarian. Deadline of application to the Election Commission was September 21st, but on September 20th, President Shevardnadze has denied Saakashvili’s request for resignation. Justice Minister called such decision by the President an ‘obstruction’. Later same day Shevardnadze had to approve Saakashvili’s resignation, because ex-minister has applied to the second legal form for resignation and requested suspension of his functions, which Shevardnadze had to approve.

Name of the new Justice Minister is unknown yet. Saakashvili is confident, that a person who would easily obey to power ministers and corrupted clans will be his successor.

Deputy Justice Minister Irakli Okruashvili has resigned as well.


Last week Justice Ministry has once again confirmed that it would not register political movement “Mkhedrioni”. At the press conference on September 17th, Deputy Minister of Justice Giorgi Tskrialashvili stated, that all the documents submitted by “Mkhedrioni” for registration were correct. However, after investigation of past criminal activities of “Mkhedrioni”, the Ministry reached a conclusion that political goals of the movement differ from their real intentions.

Several non-governmental organizations have protested against such decision of the Ministry. Representative of non-governmental organization “Former Political Prisoners – for Human Rights” nana Kakabadze stated, that such decision is anti-constitutional. The organization appealed to the court against the Justice Ministry.


On September 22nd Government Meeting Ministry of Finances presented expenditure part of the draft budget for the year 2002. Under the draft 3 640 000 GeL and 9 305 000 Gel would be allocated for the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Penitential Structures respectively.

Ministry of Finances

Last week Chamber of Control has accused Finance Ministry for improper expenses and ineffective functioning. After the investigation, Chamber of Control has concluded that the necessity of sequestering of the expenses in the budget for 2001 is a result of ineffective functioning of the Ministry. With this reason accounts of the Ministry have been frozen.


Russia agrees to restructure Georgia’s debts. According to the results of negotiations in the framework of “Parisian Club” Georgia must pay annual 3% of its debt and repay it completely for the year 2022.

Georgia’s debt to Russia is 156.8 million USD. Negotiations with the Russian side would be finished in October. According to the information of the Finance Ministry, Georgia has already reached similar agreement with 11 countries.


Exact amount of adjustments of the budget expenditures for year 2001 has become finally known last week. Expenses would be cut down for 180 million Laris. This includes: 65 million current debts to the National Bank, 55 million debt of previous years and 60 million of foreign debt.


At the Government Meeting of September 22nd, Finance Minister Zurab Nogaideli presented expense figures of the budget for year 2002. Government members were dissatisfied with the figures and demanded increase of their funding.

Finance Ministry would have budget of 3,834 million Laris.


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