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Politicians Talk About Possible Destabilization in Georgia

Georgian politicians have been recently talking much about possible destabilization in Georgia presumably occurring in autumn. None of the political forces admit that they will be the organizers of destabilization. The Resonance writes about whether the destabilization is in fact possible or it does not pose threat to Georgia; who may be its initiator, and what it may result in.

Experts say the public street meeting will have political motive. They neither exclude that a certain political force might take control over the society fed up with social problems.

Each political group claims that it is not interested in street meetings but they talk about the possible destabilization anyway. The ruling party and the opposition blame each other in organizing the revolt. Another part of politicians, on the other hand, point at “foreign authorities”.  

Provocative articles directed against Georgia published in the Russian press recently also point at the fact that “foreign (Russian) authority” might be deadly interested in the decay in Georgia. “I am afraid the destabilization might be a provocative act organized by somebody else, not Georgian, but Georgian political groups might get involved in it though”, Elene Tevdoradze, head of the Human Rights Defense Committee told the Resonance.

While the population does not have electricity, pensions and salaries it will be hard to prevent active street meetings growing into a revolt in case it is in fact expectable in Georgia, member of the faction Entrepreneurs Roman Gventsadze told the Resonance. Besides, somebody “self-claimed” might take the leadership and lead people in a false direction. According to member of the ruling party Citizens’ Union Vasil Maghlaperidze, a civil conflict might finally demolish the country.

Wide-scale revolt, the one like it occurred in Georgia in the early 1990s, does not pose threat to the country, Members of Parliament think, but they say the public sentiment is quite radical. The opposition, in difference with the position, presumes that it is realistic for the ruling party to leave its present authority earlier than term. Vise-speaker of the Parliament Eldar Shengelaia considers that preoccupation because of the destabilization is exaggerated for there is not actual threat for it to be realized.   

“According to the presumptions, public revolt is expected in October. The government, which together with the opposition enthusiastically admits the possibility of destabilization, says nothing about what it is planning to do in order to avoid it”, the Resonance states.

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