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President Will Not Veto Law on Local Self-Governance

President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze is strongly against vetoing the Law on Local Self-Governance and Governance, adopted by the Parliament. President stated, that the Opposition has made a mistake when decided to not to attend discussions of the bill at the Parliament, even though the version of the bill, adjusted to the Opposition’s demands, has been submitted to the Parliament for voting. Initially, the Opposition demanded discussion of the law on elections prior to adopting the Law on Local Self-Governance, but due to the Majority’s refusal decided to leave the hall of meetings.

“Use of veto is absolutely unacceptable. I have made all compromises regarding this matter. I think, that Georgia is not ready for complete self-governance yet. I have agreed that the President would appoint gamgebelis and mayors from the members of sakrebulos, who would be elected under proportional system. I cannot think of any further compromises and therefore regard the use of veto as unnecessary,” stated President Shevardnadze on Monday’s briefing.

At the same time, Shevardnadze does not regard appropriate vetoing of the law on elections. He considers this issue is a competence of the Parliament. “It is not president’s prerogative to decide how to compose the election commissions”, said Shevardnadze.

The Opposition has addressed President to veto the Law on Local Self-Governance and Governance, adopted one week ago, and the Law on Elections, because they regard these laws as undemocratic.


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