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Motives of Why Giorgi Sanaia Was to Be Killed

The Akhali Taoba states that the investigation is oriented on  three probable motives of the murder of Giorgi Sanaia, leading journalist of television company Rustavi-2. That is self interest, vindictiveness, and job activities. The newspaper excludes the first version because Giorgi Sanaia used to live in a one-room flat and was not very much well-off.

The Dilis Gazeti, on the other hand, presumes that accidental and political motives are more worth considering. “If it was a political murder than it should be excluded that the government has ordered it because the murder of Giorgi Sanaia is the worst fact, which could happen to the government… Therefore, if it is a political murder its order maker was aiming for destabilization and disorder in the country”. the Dilis Gazeti states.

The Resonance draws a parallel between the murder of famous political figure Gia Chanturia in 1994 and that of  the leading TV-journalist Giorgi Sanaia. Chanturia, just like Giorgi Sanaia, represented progressive young generation with new ideology. According to the newspaper, the government was to blame for the murder of Chanturia. As to motives of Giorgi Sanaia’s murder, the newspaper’s opinion is the following: “Murder of a public figure is a political event itself… the main target of it is to create fear in the society”. When the government is unable to control it uses murder, the worst action, in order to scare the society. “This is not a political case any more, this is an attack on the whole society”, the Resonance states. 

The Akhali Taoba spoke to the first Minister Deputy of Internal Affairs Zurab Chkhaidze. Chkhaidze denied the information disseminated in the society as if the police had captured a person suspected in the murder of Giorgi Sanaia. He is sure though that the case will be opened for there is corresponding information for it.

The Prosecutor’s Office is working on all possible version of the murder, Zurab Chkhaidze said. He personally regards that the crime has not been committed for political motives. “The occasion of the place, condition, and way of the murder makes me judge this way. In case of political motive the crime would have been committed in another place and in other conditions”, Zurab Chkhaidze announced.

The Akhali Taoba, The Resonance, The Dilis Gazeti


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