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A Famous Georgian Journalist Giorgi Sanaia Has Been Murdered

Giorgi Sanaia, a Famous Georgian journalist, employee of the independent TV Company “Rustavi-2”, was found murdered in his own apartment in the evening on July 26. A firearm wound in his head has cause the death. According to the experts, Giorgi Sanaia was murdered at approximately 5-6 a.m. on July 26. Motives and other details of the murder are presently unknown.

Giorgi Sanaia did not come to work yesterday. His colleagues started to search him. The police entered his apartment where the corp was found. He was alone at home; his wife and child were on vacation.

A crime case of murder has been initiated. Eduard Shevardnadze, the President of Georgia, gave instructions to Gia Meparishvili, the General Prosecutor, Kakha Targamadze, the Interior Minister, Vakhtang Kutateladze, the Minister of State Security.

26-year-old Giorgi Sanaia was one of the leading journalists in Georgia. At evenings he was leading a news program “Night Courier” on the news company “Rustavi-2”.

Non-governmental organizations and journalists are planning a meeting in front of the Government House in order to express their protests on the murder of Giorgia Sanaia.


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