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Own Laws are Chosen in the Kodori Gorge

Kodori Gorge is the only place in Abkhazia where the jurisdiction of Georgia is present, at least formally. The local population (Svans) lives according to their own laws and orders. There is no better criminal condition in the Kodori Gorge rather than there is in Pankisi.

A public movement “Dali – Eagles of Abkhazia” has been created (Dali is a valley in Kodori) in the Kodori Gorge because of tension there. The Akhali Taoba covers the activities of the above-mentioned movement. Several principles of  “Dali -Eagles of ABkhazia” caused quite big concern in press and government. For example, in one of the principles of the movement it is said that its members should make an oath and fight for territorial unity of their country till the end. Execution poses threat to whoever breaks the oath. It is claimed in the apparatus of the President’s attorney in the Kodori Gorge that members of the movement have been united in order to cause destabilization there. According to the newspaper, frequent crime cases occurred in the Kodori Gorge support the belief.  

As to the right of execution existing in one of the principles of “the Eagles”, Otar Gujejiani, leader of the movement, announced that he quite well understands that execution is against the constitution of Georgia but “it is common in mountain laws and traditions”. It seems traditions and customs are prior to the state jurisdiction.

“The Akhali Taoba”


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