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Double Citizenship – Useful or Dangerous

The establishment of visa regime between Russia and Georgia has caused problems to Georgian citizens working in different cities of the Russian Federation. They have to make a choice between the two: receive whether a working visa or the citizenship of Russia.

Receiving a working visa is a difficult process. In this case becoming a citizen of Russia is an optimal choice. This kind of action automatically results in the loss of the citizenship of Georgia.

Some experts suppose that one of the ways of solving the problem is to establish a double citizenship with Russia. That means that Georgians living in Russia are able to be citizens of both Russia and Georgia (double citizenship is allowed in the Russian Federation). Establishment of the double citizenship system in Georgia is thought to have may negative results. The majority of Georgian politicians are quite skeptical about it.  

Mikheil Naneishvili, Member of Parliament, announced that in case double citizenship system is established in Georgia Russia would legally be allowed to get involved into interior affairs of Georgian state. This factor is very problematic concerning the regions of Abkhazia and Southern Osetia, which keep eye on Russia constantly.

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