Consultations between the Parliamentary Majority and the opposition have failed

Consultations between the Parliamentary Majority and the opposition concerning the Election Code and the bill on “Local Self-Governance and Governance” have failed.

After the July 6th consultations, opposition members Vakhtang Khmaladze (faction “Industrialists”), Vakhtang Bochorsihvili (faction “21st century”) and Alexander Shalamberidze (faction “Traditionalist”) said to journalists, that they could not reach agreement with the majority, on each of the subjects, including the issue of composition of the election committees, on which the sides almost did agree just two days ago.

“Fortunately it did not finish with the fist fighting” – said Vakhtang Bochorishvili about July 6th consultations. “Negotiations reached a dead end. Further more, we have been blamed for the fact that Russian bases still remain in Georgia” – said Alexander Shalamberidze. According to his statement, the opposition might demand an extraordinary session, during which their bills on amendments to the Election Code and the Law on Local Self-Governance would be placed on the vote.

Speaker of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania also confirmed the failure of the consultations. He said, that there are certain forces within the opposition, which desire to hinder the preparations for the elections. “We do not pretend for majority and control in the election committees. However such approach does not mean that we would hand over management of the election administration to the opposition,” said Zhvania.

Zhvania also mentioned, that during the extraordinary session the majority is going to propose its own new version of amendments to the election code, according to which the election commissions will be composed of the “third sector” representatives only.

According to the Speaker’s announcement, meeting of leaders of all factions might take place for July 9th. Extraordinary session would probably be held on July 12-13.


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