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Sokhumi to Prosecute a Tiktoker

On January 18, the “Prosecutor’s Office” of Sokhumi launched criminal proceedings against Ruslan Gamisonia, an Abkhazia resident, for “violating state border” and making “public calls to carry out activities aimed at violating the territorial integrity and inviolability” of the occupied region using mass media.

According to the Moscow-backed authorities in Sokhumi, Gamisonia “illegally crossed into Georgia” in June 2022 and then appeared on another Abkhaz defector, Raul Buava’s Tik Tok channel in August of the same year, where he made “a covert call to violate the territorial integrity and inviolability of the Republic of Abkhazia and to make it the territory of Georgia.”

In a video published on Buava’s channel in August 2022, Gabisonia says he was “forced” to leave Sokhumi for Tbilisi because the “authorities” in Abkhazia “do not let people speak the truth, sell lands, [and] are busy with destroying the people, the youth.” Gabisonia further noted that “there is no development [in Abkhazia], and there is propaganda as if here [in Tbilisi-controlled territory] are the enemies, but here are no enemies.” Gabisonia also called for dialogue between the Abkhaz and Georgians, adding that “here [in Tbilisi-controlled territory] is the future and development.”

Moscow-backed authorities claim that Gabisonia had previously been tried for premeditated murder, as well as on the fact of rape and perverted acts against two female citizens of the Russian Federation.

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