S. Ossetian KGB Claims Ukraine, U.S. Ponder Using Nukes

Russian-controlled KGB of Tskhinvali/South Ossetia claimed yesterday that the U.S. and Ukraine ponder using a low-yield nuclear warhead in Ukraine, and subsequently blaming Moscow over the incident.

Occupied S. Ossetia’s security committee further claimed the U.S. special services already delivered the relevant armaments to western Ukraine “under the guise of supplying conventional weapons.”

The Tskhinvali KGB claimed it intercepted the information while monitoring the participation of volunteers from Georgia, U.S., the UK and other NATO member states in the war in Ukraine.

The allegations come as Russia’s defense and foreign ministries have ramped up again bio-warfare allegations against U.S., Ukraine and Georgia amid Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“FACT: Russia, not the United States, has a long and well-documented track record of using chemical weapons, including in attempted assassinations and poisoning of Putin’s political enemies like Alexey Navalny,” U.S. Department of State retorted yesterday.

In the meantime, Vladimir Putin has put Russia’s nuclear forces into “special combat readiness” since February 27, three days after launching the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow however still denies its attack on Ukraine, despite moving some 200,000 uninvited troops into the territory of its sovereign neighbor, and continued indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, including hospitals and residential buildings.

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