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Russian Court Orders Detention of Abkhaz Leader’s Aide

Sokhumi-based media reported on October 2, that the Sochi Court sentenced Akhra Avidzba, an aide to Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania, facing charges for ramming the border gate and forcefully leaving Russia, to 10-days-long detention.

Driving Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Avidzba had rammed the gate of Psou crossing point and forcefully entered Abkhazia on August 7, after being denied to leave Russia for having unpaid taxes, traffic fines, and utility bills.

The Federal Security Service of Russia initiated a criminal case against Avidzba on August 8 under Article 322.1 of the Russian criminal code – involving illegal transit through Russian Federation – punishable by 200,000 Russian Rubles (USD 7,250) fine, or obligatory labor for a term of up to two years, or jail for up to two years.

Abkhaz security council head Sergey Shamba reportedly told media that the Court in Russia did not consider the fact that Avidzba holds “diplomatic status.”

Akhra (Akhrik) Avidzba, 34-year-old Sochi-born ethnic Abkhaz, made his name after joining the ranks of local insurgents in the Eastern Ukrainian territory of Donetsk in 2014, with whom he fought against the Ukrainian forces, adopting a nom de guerre “Abkhaz.” Aslan Bzhania appointed Avidzba as his aide charged with international relations on June 11.

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