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Organizers Say Tbilisi Pride Postponed

Tbilisi Pride, uniting LGBTQI and human rights activists, released a statement on June 21, saying that considering last night’s developments at the Rustaveli Avenue and tense political situation in the country, the Pride Parade will be postponed for several days.

“In this situation, we could not permit ourselves to contribute to further escalation of tensions in the country. We will not allow pro-Russian, Neo-Nazi groups to weaken Georgia’s statehood. We demonstrate civic responsibility and act only in the interests of the country,” the statement released by Tbilisi Pride reads.

According to the organizers, it is regrettable when the state is ready “to mercilessly disperse” the population protesting Russian occupation, but has no desire to protect LGBTQ community against radical groups financed from Russia.

The organizers noted, that they have been consulting with various government agencies concerning the policy decisions that might help alleviate some of the problems faced by the queer community. This includes simplification of the legal procedures for recognizing gender, creation of a shelter for LGBTQI victims of violence, creation of a dedicated portfolio for addressing matters of specific concern to the community, as well as work to include matters related to LGBTQI rights into the government agenda.

Tbilisi Pride planned to hold the Pride Week on June 18-23, involving various social, cultural and political events, including the Pride Parade.

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