Interior Ministry Speaks of Possible Provocations against Zaza Saralidze, Offers Special Protection

Interior Ministry released a brief statement around an hour ago, offering special protection measures to Zaza Saralidze, father of the teenager murdered in December 2017, who protests what he claims is the prosecution-led cover-up.

The Ministry said, citing “existing operative information,” that “certain politically-motivated forces” were planning “provocations” against Zaza Saralidze. “These provocations can be used to destabilize the country,” it added.

“Since the risk is high and there is a real threat of deprivation of live [of Zaza Saralidze], the Interior Ministry proposes to apply special protection measures available under the victim’s protection program,” the statement also reads.

Zaza Saralidze rejected the offer in his address at the demonstration, saying he had been seeking justice for months, but the authorities left his requests unanswered. “I do not need their protection,” Saralidze told the protesters.

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