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Tskhinvali Rejects JCC in Tbilisi

Tskhinvali will not participate in a Joint Control Commission (JCC) session scheduled for August 9-10 in Tbilisi, because of security concerns, the secessionist South Ossetian leader, Eduard Kokoity, said.

Speaking with reporters in Tskhinvali, Kokoity said ?indisputable evidence? existed, proving the involvement of the Georgian Interior Ministry in an attempted terrorist plot in Tskhinvali.

?We want the JCC to continue its work but not in Georgia. It can be Moscow, Vladikavkaz [the capital of Russia?s North Ossetia], Tskhinvali or any other city, but not Tbilisi,? Kokoity said.

The secessionist authorities in Tskhivali claimed they had uncovered a Georgian Interior Ministry-masterminded terrorist plot, involving an attempt to detonate two powerful explosive devices.

Davit Bakradze, the Georgian state minister for conflict resolution issues, denied the allegation and said Tskhivali was just looking for an excuse not to participate in the JCC session.

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