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Omega Group Employees Rally

The employees of Omega Group, a firm which is suspected of tax evasion and illegal import of cigarettes, rallied today in front of the company’s office, protesting against closing the printing-house belonging to the company.

The General Prosecutor’s Office claims that the law enforcers are carrying out investigative activities in the offices of the firm that caused closure of the printing-house.

The participants of the rally tried to break into the yard of the printing-house; however riot police opened warning fire and did not let the protesters in.
The Omega Group owns Iberia TV, news agency Media News, newspaper Akhali Epoka, a printing house and a BMW Service Center. However, the main business of the firm is import of cigarettes.
Police probes the Omega Group in alleged connection of a large-scale illegal cigarette import and tax evasion. 
Prosecutor General Irakli Okruashvili said the Omega Group, which is owned by MP Zaza Okuashvili and her wife MP Nato Chkheidze, who is also a parliamentarian, is suspected in 12 million Lari ($5,4 million) tax evasion.


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