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CEC Vows to Secure Fair Elections

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Zurab Tchiaberashvili hopes for high voter turnout at the January 4 snap presidential elections.

He said the commission did its best to ensure that the January 4 presidential elections are fair and free, adding that 2,850 polling stations are ready for holding elections.  

By decision of the commission, the election procedures will be prolonged up to January 6 in high mountainous regions of Georgia, as heavy weather conditions hamper duly sending of necessary equipment and ballot papers to these regions. 

Tchiaberashvili called people once again for high voter turnout. “During the November events [bloodless revolution] the Georgian society proved that it deserves better government. Now, by active participation in the January 4 elections, we should prove that we deserve democratic elections,” CEC Chairman Zurab Chiaberashvili said at a news briefing on January 3.


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