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Opposition Accuses Police of Intimidating Voters

The National Movement opposition party claims that the police and local authorities in Bolnisi, Kvemo Kartli region, intimidate the population to give evidence against the National Movement supporters, regarding the clash between the party members and the local authorities and police on September 26.

“Every night, after September 26, the police raids the villages of the Bolnisi district and force the local population to give evidence proving that the members of the National Movement were initiators of the clash,” Kamal Muradkhanov of the National Movement, who intends to run for MP in Bolnisi single-mandate constituency said at a news briefing on September 28.

Leader of the National Movement and Chairman of the Tbilisi City Council Mikheil Saakashvili and his supporters intended to visit Bolnisi for election campaigning on September 26; however the police and the representative of the local authorities blocked the entrance of Bolnisi. Dozens were injured as a result of clash and fist-fighting.

The criminal case has been initiated regarding the incident. Deputy Interior Minister Ruben Asanidze denied that the police are responsible for the incident. He claimed, “the local authorities and the police became the main victims of the incident.”



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