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President does not Intend to Sack Influential Governor Yet

(Tbilisi, July 8, Civil Georgia) – President Shevardnadze does not intend to fire governor of Kvemo Kartli region Levan Mamaladze.

Some of the Parliamentary factions demanded from the President to sack the influential governor after the suspect in hijacking of voting ballots in Rustavi (main town of Kvemo Kartli) during the June 2 local elections was arrested. He is former bodyguard of Levan Mamaladze.      

The President stated at the news briefing on July 8, that he will take decision concerning Mamaladze after the investigation on Rustavi case is over.

“It will not be right if I make a decision at the moment, when the investigation is on,” Shevardnadze said.

The campaign against the governor was initiated by the Democrats and the Movement for Democratic Reforms Parliamentary factions.  

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