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Consultations on Recounting the Votes

(Tbilisi, July 2, Civil Georgia) – Consultations between the Central Election Commission [CEC] and Parliamentary factions on recounting votes of Tbilisi locals were held in the Parliament on July 2.

According to Jumber Lominadze, chairman of the CEC, special group should be created, which will recount votes in about two months.

The rule of recounting the votes will be set at the CEC session on July 4. The recounting will probably start couple days after the session. It is anticipated, that journalists will be given the right to attend the process of recounting.

Saakashvili’s National Movement demands that the newly elected Sakrebulo (city council) start the work while pro-Presidential factions demand that legitimacy of old Sakrebulo be prolonged.

According to the law, legitimacy of the old Sakrebulo was ceased on June 20.


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