Ukrainian Foreign Minister Claims Uzbekistan not to Leave GUUAM

(Tbilisi, June 25, Civil Georgia) – Ukrainian Foreign Minister Anatoli Zlenko stated at the news briefing in Istanbul on June 24 that Uzbekistan’s statement on withdrawal from the GUUAM, organization formed by Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova, was misinterpreted.

After the informal meeting of Georgian, Azerbaijani, Moldavian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers Zlenko stated, “Uzbekistan does not intend to pull out from the organization.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that in the nearest future Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan would release a new statement that will clarify misunderstanding.

In one of his radiobroadcasts Georgian President Shevardnadze also said that Uzbekistan will not leave the GUUAM.

On June 14 Uzbek Foreign Ministry Abdulaziz Kamilov said the Tashkent was pulling out because it saw no progress on the tasks set by the organization.

GUUAM was set up in 1997 as a political, economic and strategic alliance designed to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of its members. Uzbekistan joined the group later, in 1999.


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