CEC Refuses to Recount Votes

The votes will not be recounted in Tbilisi. On June 6 the members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) could not agree on the procedure of recounting. So, the votes will be counted in general manner and the final results will be announced on June 10. CEC should have announced the results on June 6.  The date was delayed because the they could not fit in time.

This decision of the CEC already has many opponents. CEC member, representative of the Socialist Party Denis Davitashvili told to Civil Georgia on June 7 that this decision by the CEC is illegitimate, since discussion of the issue of delaying announcement of the results was not on the agenda at all.

The National Movement, which was strongly demanding the recounting, is going to apply to the court to declare the decision of the CEC illegitimate. “We will wait CEC to cancel its decision regarding the recounting for three days and then will file a case in the court” told Koba Davitashvili of the National Movement to Civil Georgia on June 7.

The only party, which was against the recounting, is the winner of the locals – the Labor Party of Georgia.

Despite numerous protests of the parties, the CEC probably will not cancel its decision and recount the votes. Therefore, counting of votes at the last three constituencies of Tbilisi will not make any significant change in the final results.

It is necessary to overcome 4% vote barrier to get seats in Tbilisi Sakrebulo. 7 parties out of 21 have acquired enough votes so far. The Labor Party and the National Movement top the list. They are followed by the New Rights, Christian-Conservative Party – Zhvania’s Team, Industry will Save Georgia, Block Revival and Block Unity.

With such allocation of votes, the seats in the Citi Council of the Georgian capital will be distributed as follows:

1. The Labor Party – 16 seats
2. The National Movement – 15 seats
3. The New Rights – 6 seats
4. Industry will Save Georgia – 4 seats
5. Christian-Conservatives – Zhvania’s Team – 4 seats
6. The Revival – 3 seats
7. The Unity – 2 seats


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