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Watchdog NGO Evaluates the Locals Negatively

(Tbilisi, June 3, Civil Georgia) – International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy [ISFED] evaluated the local self-governance elections held in Georgia on June 2 negatively.

There was very much violation in the election procedure. Electorate’s list was extremely disordered and the voting process went on with violations in nearly every district, the ISFED representative Davit Khipiani pointed out today.

He went on to say that most of the election commission members were absolutely unaware of what they were supposed to do. 

According to the ISFED, these elections had some advantages in comparison with the previous ones. Some positive changes were made in the election code and thus these elections were more or less fair and transparent. 

 Davit Khipiani presumes that the elections were not organized enough because the government was not interested them. 


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