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Georgia Denies Detention of Convoy with Arms in Pankisi

(Tbilisi, May 24, Civil Georgia) – Georgian law enforcers deny report of the Russian news agency Ria-Novosti that six trucks were detained today in Akhmeta, close to Pankisi gorge, carrying arms, which were supposed to reach Chechen fighters hiding in the gorge.

Paata Gomelauri, press secretary of Georgia’s Interior Ministry, told the Civil Georgia today that the information is false and the trucks contained humanitarian assistance for Chechen refugees living in Pankisi.

“I don’t know where Ria-Novosti got the information from. I had told them that the trucks were full of humanitarian aid only”, Paata Gomelauri said.

The humanitarian aid containing wheat, oil, sugar, etc. was provided by Khizri Aldamov, representative of Chechen Republic in Georgia, and the trucks were checked by Georgian State Security Ministry and the police before it entered Pankisi.


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