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Pro-Presidential Group Accuses Saakashvili in Coup Attempt

(Tbilisi, May 15, – “Pre-election slogan of Mikheil Saakashvili “Tbilisi without Shevardnadze” is an urge for population to coup a government,” Gela Kvaratskhelia, one of the leaders of the pro-Presidential group in the Citizens’ Union of Georgia party stated today.

At the news briefing on May 15 Kvaratskhelia referred to the New National Movement, led by MP Mikheil Saakashvili as “Saakashvili’s Fascist Movement.”

Leader of the National Movement announced on May 15 at the meeting with the electorate, that “Tbilisi without Shevardnadze and his clan would be our pre-election slogan.”

Kvaratskhelia stated today that his supporters intend to sue Saakashvili for making statements calling for the coup.


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