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Central Elections Commission Refuses to Register CUG Factions

(Tbilisi, May 13, – Central Elections Commission [CEC] refused to register list of candidates submitted by both of Zurab Zhvania and Levan Mamaladze in the name of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia [CUG] party to participate in the local self-governance elections.

Two opposing factions of the CUG, one led by Zurab Zhvania and another by pro-Presidential Levan Mamaladze tried to participate in the elections in the name of the CUG.

Jumber Lominadze, Chairman of the CEC stated that the decision in favor of one of the factions could extremely aggravate the pre-election situation.

The parties can appeal the Supreme Court to cancel CEC decision within the three days.  

Gela Kvaratskhelia, supporter of Levan Mamaladze stated that he intends to appeal the Supreme Court.

While the CEC was discussion CUG issue, supporters of Levan Mamaladze were blocking the CEC building and did not let supporters of Zurab Zhvania in the CEC office that led to the quarrel between the opposing factions.


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