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MPs Discuss Redistribution of Parliamentary Posts

(Tbilisi, May 10, – Georgian MPs initiated discussion of the issue on redistribution of the Parliamentary posts, including the chairmen of the Parliamentary committees.

The most of the Chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees have already announced about their resignation from the posts.

147 MPs from the New Rights, Socialist, Abkhazia, Alliance for a New Georgia and Tanadgoma factions demand in a joint appeal that the issue of redistribution of parliamentary posts to be discussed.

“New Chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees should be elected as there is no Parliamentary majority. Now the most of the Chairmen are from the Citizens’ Union of Georgia faction, while this faction is not in majority any more,” the New Rights faction leader Davit Gamkrelidze stated at the Parliamentary session on May 10.

The Parliamentary majority collapsed after President Shevardnadze resigned as chairman of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia party last autumn.



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