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One Wounded After Russian Peacekeepers’ raid on Georgian Village

(Tbilisi, March 26, Civil Georgia) – One resident of village Anaklea, bordering breakaway Abkhazia, was wounded as a result of Russian peacekeepers raiding the village last night.

Local residents say the peacekeepers driving an armored vehicle opened fire towards the peaceful population. They say the peacekeepers were drunk.

The incident followed the one occurred in mid-March when an armed clash took place between Russian peacekeepers deployed in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone, and a group thought to represent Georgian partisans.

Mandate of Russian peacekeepers deployment in the conflict zone lasts until June 2002. The local population as well as displaced people from Abkhazia announces mistrust towards them.

Georgian Parliament also demands the peacekeepers’ withdrawal claiming they have brought no result to the conflict’s peaceful resolution. 

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