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Shevardnadze Hopes CUG not to Become Opposition Party

(Tbilisi, March 11, Civil Georgia) – President Shevardnadze expressed astonishment with the statements made by the reformers’ faction of the Citizen Union of Georgia [CUG] party concerning the reorganizing the party into the opposition faction.

“It is strange, when such statements are made when vital changes in the foreign affairs of Georgia are occurring. If the party will become opposition I do not see reason to stay there any more,” President stated.

“But I am sure that not all of the members of the party will agree that the CUG should go into opposition,” Eduard Shevardnadze stated in his traditional Monday radio broadcast on March 11.

Last week one part of the party members led by the former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania announced that they intend to rename the CUG and reorganize party into opposition.

President Shevardnadze left the post of the party Chairman last September but remains in the party as a common member.

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