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Georgian-Abkhazian Talks on Kodori Failed

(Tbilisi, March 7, Civil Georgia) – Representatives of unrecognized Abkhazian government and the Georgian Special Affairs Minister Malkhaz Kakabadze met today in Chuburkhinji, Gali district of Abkhazia to discuss joint monitoring of Kodori gorge.

Sides failed to achieve an agreement on joint monitoring and withdrawal of Georgian military units from upper Kodori gorge the only territory in breakaway Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government.

Georgian Special Affairs Minister says that Abkhazian side cannot guarantee sufficient security for the Georgian population of the gorge after Georgian Defense Ministry pulls out its military units from Kodori.

This was the third meeting between the sides on the issues. All of them ended without any result.

Representatives of the UNOMIG and Russian peacekeeping troops also participated in the negotiations.


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