Turkish Military Bases in Caucasus?

(Tbilisi. January 9. Civil Georgia) – According to the Azerbaijani TV station ASN Turkey intends to establish military base in Azerbaijan and develop strategic cooperation with Georgia.

Creation of military base or modernization one of the old bases in Azerbaijan is one of the main points in the new blueprint for political cooperation between Turkey and the Caucasus, BBC Monitoring Service reports, quoting ASN on January 8.

In the nearest future Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are to sign security agreement on fighting terrorism, drug smuggling and organized crime.

On January 4 Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesmen Huseyin Dirioz denied reports that the agreement foresees establishment of Turkish military bases in the region.

Trilateral negotiations to finalize security agreement were to start on 7-8 January in Ankara, but were postponed because of heave weather in Turkey.


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