Armenia-Georgia Relations Guarantee Stability in Region – MFA of Armenia

(Tbilisi. January 8. Civil Georgia) – “Armenia continues to regard Armenian-Georgian relations as the most important aspect for ensuring stability in the South Caucasus and preventing new tensions in region,” Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister Vardan Oskanyan stated on January 8, Armenian news agency Mediamax reports.

Minister said on the press conference in Yerevan, that Armenia carefully observes development of Georgia’s relations with Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

“We accept with satisfaction statements by Georgian authorities that Tbilisi, in cooperating with Azerbaijan and Turkey, will not take any steps against Armenia”, Vardan Oskanyan stated.

Armenia worried on possible use of Georgian military airport in Marneuli by the Turkish air forces and forthcoming trilateral negotiations between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey on security agreement.

Negotiations were to start on 7-8 January in Ankara, but were postponed because of heavy weather in Turkey.

On January 4 Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry denied reports that the agreement foresees use of the military bases in South Caucasus by the Turkish forces.


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