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Pankisi People Kill the Possible Kidnapper

(Tbilisi. November 26. Civil Georgia) – One of the possible kidnappers of the four monks in Pankisi gorge Besik Kochloshvili was murdered. Reports say that local population of the gorge shot him for kidnapping the monks. He was also suspected in several other abduction cases. Police deny the information and states that Kochloshvili had no connection to the abduction of monks.

The two hermit monks and two novices were abducted a couple of weeks ago, from Tusheti, mountainous region in the aestern Georgia. Relatives of the monks stated that kidnappers demanded $1 million in ransom.

The population of Pankisi gorge hopes that the assassination of the suspected person will hasten release of kidnapped monks.

Two Spaniard businessmen and one citizen of Georgia are still detained in Pankisi gorge by the kidnappers at the moment.  

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