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Abkhazian Side and Russian Side – That is the Same

Militant actions between Russian-Abkhazian side and Chechen-Georgian group of fighters are continued. Abkhaz population is leaving its native land and moving to Russia. “Mails are also leaving Abkhazia even though separatist Abkhazian regime ordered them to mobilize”, the Akhali Taoba writes.

The newspaper spoke to head of the Fighters’ Union Anzor Margiani. Margiani claims that Abkhazian side does not participate in militant actions on the territory of Abkhazia. It is the Russian army being covered by the name of Abkhazian side. He presumes that danger of occupation and destabilization poses threat to Kidori gorge, the only piece of land in Abkahzia Georgian jurisdiction is spread on, as well as Zugdidi and Tsalenjikha regions (western Georgia).

During the visit to the U.S. President Shevardnadze was promised to be backed up, the Dilis Gazeti says. It confirms the idea that Abkhazian side and Russian side are the same in this particular case. “Legitimate government of Abkhazia states that Abkhazians, that is Russians, landed troops in Gulripshi region yesterday. According to nonofficial information, Russian heavy military technique stands near Gali region (Abkhazia) and hundreds of armored technique is situated nearby Kodori gorge. Georgian sources report that Russia is on high alert”, the newspaper says.

The Dilis Gazeti outlines to the following estimation: the Interior Minister of Georgia claims the situation in Abkhazia will be settled down. What makes the Minister be such an optimist? Maybe there is a deal between Georgia and Russia. “Both sides will be unequally content with the conflict: Gudauta military base (Abkhazia) and the opportunity to wipe out Chechen guerrillas will be guaranteed to Russia. On the other hand, Gali region will be returned to Georgia”. It is unclear for the newspaper what exactly “the return” implies. Davit Shengelia, head of the Georgian partisan movement “Forest Brothers”, considers that separatist Republic of Abkhazia will never let Gali region to Georgia.


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