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Budget of July Has Been Completed Formally Only

The budget of July has been over competed; this is what the Finance Ministry said. A sudden grant of 11.6 million GEL (USD 5,8 million ) was the reason for it. The grant was not expected in the July budget, head of the Budget Office in the Parliament Roman Gotsiridze announced. It not the grant the budget would have been in loss of 10 million GEL.

Roman Gotsiridze told the Dilis Gazeiti that it does not matter whether the budget is formally completed or not. The important thing is what is the condition from the actual income point of view. There was a loss of 43 million GEL in the income of the budget last year. The budget is in loss of over 50 million GEL this year already already. “The main reason why the income part of the budget is not competed is that large part of taxless incomes is transferred not to the budget but remains in different regulating governmental departments and offices”, the Dilis Gazeti states.  

According to Roman Gotsiridze, the fact that the budget of July lacked income was that the amount from Adjara Autonomous Republic had not been transferred to the central budget of Georgia. Another main reason of the budget’s loss was smuggling of tobacco.

The Dilis Gazeti


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