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Police Kicks Homeless People Out of the Railway Station

“The Resonance” describes the conditions existing at central railway station in Tbilisi, which “has been associated with homeless people, beggars and prostitutes”. There are 150 market objects around the station and that is exactly what attracts all these people.

The only thing, which has been improved concerning the central station, is that people are not allowed to sleep on chairs of the waiting hall. Since the 1990s the waiting hall had had its real duty during the day but at night it would get full of homeless people. `If anybody tries to sneak in now the police will kick him out”, Givi Maisashvili, head of the railway station, told “the Resonance”. Old train cars and a park nearby are a shelter for homeless people now.

There is only one dining hall on the first floor of the railway station building. It is dirty and full of prostitutes.

“Prostitutes are most interesting to see around the station… These women and the station police have very tense relationship”, “the Resonance” says. The majority of them is from different provinces of Georgia and says that poverty has made them do what they are doing now. According to the newspaper, they live on 2-3 Lari (1-1,5 USD), a piece of bread and vodka a day.    

“The Resonance”


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