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Junk Business Should Be Prohibited

Bronze busts of Ilia Chavchavadze and Giorgi Chubinishvili (famous public figures) that weighed 150 kilograms were stolen from the Tbilisi State University Park yesterday morning. `It seems people have even lost the dignity not to sell Ilia as a piece of color metal`, `the Dilis Gazeti` says. According to Aleko Tabatadze, head of Vake-Saburtalo police department, the police have suspects and have initiated the investigation.

Giorgi Tvalavadze, head of the anticorruption office, told `the Resonance` that state guard is supposed to watch the University and it is worth wondering where it was the theft was being done. This kind of crime is committed because the Parliament made the profitable junk business legal – he said, – which led to the fact that busts of Ilia Chavchavadze and Giorgi Chubinishvili were stolen. 6 bronze statuettes of `the Little Prince` heroes were stolen from the Round Square in Tbilisi several weeks ago. 8 thousand meters of power cable has been lost somehow and 345 wells of underground pipelines are left without caps in the capitol city only.

According to Tvalavadze, Georgia will have to buy and pay more for the metal, which is sold abroad from the country in very low prices. All this is because of the law liberation, according to which black and color metals can be exported and are even freed from the customs payment. Tvalavadze presumes that the business is being lobbied.


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