CSOs Slam Holding Extraordinary Judicial Conference Day Before Elections

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary, uniting some 40 local civil society organizations, reacted to the extraordinary judicial conference scheduled for October 30, and stated that conducting the meeting a day before the parliamentary elections raises doubts about the intentions of “Judicial Clan” to endure its grip on power.

By holding the judicial conference a day before the election, and the appointing of two new members of the High Council of Justice, as well as selecting the Secretary, “the clan” aims “to occupy strategically important and influential positions in the court system,” highlighted the statement released on October 30.

Noting that in the period of March-June of 2021, the terms of four judge members and 5 non-judge members of the Council – out of the 15 members in total – are ending, the Coalition said the “judicial clan” – a handful of judges holding sway over their colleagues – tries to secure having two loyal members in the Council.

The new members of the High Council of Justice, the body overseeing the judiciary, will be elected for a four year term.

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