Constitutional Reform Commission’s Mandate to be Prolonged

Mandate of the state commission on constitutional reform will be prolonged until the end of this year, said parliament speaker Davit Usupashvili, who chairs the commission.

The commission, which was established in late December, was convened with a delay in March. 58-member commission, which includes representatives from broad range of political, civil society and academic circles, is tasked to develop constitutional amendments before September 1.

Usupashvili said on May 22 that because of a delay in launching the commission’s work, its mandate will now run up until late December.

Commission is made up of five working groups, which hold meetings on regular basis since March, addressing areas ranging from checks and balances between the branches of government to territorial-administrative arrangement and general constitutional provisions, as well as rules of making amendments to the constitution.

Usupashvili said that the commission is not yet on the stage of discussion making and its work now focuses mainly on identifying problems and gathering ideas and recommendations.

He made the remarks after meeting with a team of experts from Council of Europe’s advisory body for legal and constitutional issues, Venice Commission, which visited Tbilisi on May 22.

Venice Commission said that its delegation met with the Georgian constitutional reform commission in the first of a series of working sessions in the framework of Georgia’s cooperation with the Council of Europe, which will continue throughout the mandate of the constitutional reform commission.

Venice Commission’s executive secretary, Thomas Markert, said that the Venice Commission “is very excited to be able to contribute to this process of constitutional reform. We think it is very positive process.” 

“In the past we have had many changes to the [Georgian] constitution; Georgia needs more stability for the constitutional system and we think now we are on a good way to achieve the solution, which should be acceptable to all major forces in Georgia,” he said.


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