Mikheil Saakashviil Called Governments’ Meeting an “Empty Talk”

First speech during today’s Governments’ Meeting has been delivered by the Chairman of Anticorruption Council Mirian Gogiashvili. He blamed all Ministries in not conducting priority and immediate anticorruption measures. Gogiashvili underlined support of non-governmental sector in anticorruption activities and mentioned that on the other hand Ministries ignore these processes completely. Gogiashvili was expected to name particular persons in his speech, but listeners were disappointed with his rather general report.

Speech of Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili was much shorter but more interesting. Saakashvili said: “Governments’ Meetings and other such session are nothing but empty talks”. He added, that if Government wishes to do its business then Parliament should immediately adopt the bill on “Illegal and Ungrounded Property” and introduce the system of jurymen.

At the beginning of the Meeting, President Shevardnadze stated, that anticorruption campaign is his primary goal and called population and the Government Members to launch civil campaign against the corruption.

According to information, member of Anticorruption Council Givi Targamadze is expected to deliver strict speech as well. He would blame particular persons and institutions in corruption and demand resignation of several ministers. These ministers might be Kakha Targamadze (Internal Affairs), Vano Chkhartishvili (Economy, Industry and Trade) and Vakhtang Kutateladze (State Security).

Speech of the Speaker of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania is on the agenda as well.

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